Travel Arrangements

During the Coronavirus Pandemic around the world, daily life has come to a sudden standstill and businesses have had to respond. LEAFS PCS has had to scale back on all of its services. Services have been modified or discontinued going forward until notified otherwise.


Personal Assistant,
Special Services *DELETED – wait in line, bring items for hospital stays, drop off prescriptions
Travel Arrangements
Moving Services are still being done by our preferred vendor. LEAFS can schedule and arrange services over the phone or computer but not empty apartments, do walk throughs, clean up empty homes for potential buyers,


Errand Services
Home Away
Party Services
Personal Shopper

Thank You for understanding. Have a very safe and blessed day.



Have your own personal secretary at your fingertips:

  • Make plane reservations
  • Book hotel reservations
  • Reserve a car or limo
  • Arrange meeting locations
  • Provide currency rates information
  • Weather Inquiry
  • Prepare and mail out visa & passports request forms