You recently started a new small business or have an existing business that needs more exposure and you’d like to set up a website but your skills in that area are limited or next to none. Like most small business owners you’ve done your homework on several different web hosting companies, compared prices and what they have to offer but that’s as far as you go. You maybe even thought of hiring someone to create a website but the costs is way out of your range and budget.
LEAFS is a small business just like yours. LEAFS knows what the struggle is like. It’s hard trying to find new ways to work your dream, in hopes that one day flourish. Just as LEAFS has a dream, our goal is to utilize our web design skills, to help other small business owners achieve their dreams. We’ll help you set up a professional, low cost, simple, yet attractive, interactive business website that provides presence and exposure of your product to potential clients and customers.
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