During the Coronavirus Pandemic around the world, daily life has come to a sudden standstill and businesses have had to respond. LEAFS PCS has had to scale back on some of its services. Services have been modified as listed below..


  • Personal Assistant – Continued
  • Special Services – Pending
  • Technical – Continued
  • Travel Arrangements – Pending
  • Moving Services – Continued Note: are still being done by our preferred vendor. LEAFS can schedule and arrange services over the phone or computer but can not empty apartments, do walk throughs, clean up empty homes for potential buyers,


  • Errand Services
  • Home Away
  • Party Services
  • Personal Shopper

Thank You for understanding. Have a very safe and blessed day.

LEAFS Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

LEAFS is a business just like yours. LEAFS knows what the struggle is like in trying to find new ways to work your dream in hopes that one day it will finally take off and flourish. Just like LEAFS has a dream, our goal is to help other business owners achieve their dreams. We help by setting up a professional, very low cost, simple, yet attractive, interactive, website that provides presence, exposure of your product to potential clients and customers.

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Helping Hands Are Here For You

Many people have hopes and dreams of living a more enriching, accomplished and fulfilling life. There’s a whole world waiting out there just for you. Inside each and everyone of us is a key that unlocks the door to the future. A future that is waiting for you to experience and explore. We can help you take back that precious time. Let LEAFS helping hands make life a little easier for you.